Faculty mentors in CCBGAP have research programs that span the breadth of chemistry — including chemical biology and structural biology, biofuels, organic synthesis, materials, catalysis, analytical and computational chemistry, and more. All have outstanding records as mentors of undergraduate students. Please use the hotlinks below to learn more about their interests and work.
Balch, Alan L. Endohedral fullereness; luminescence for metal-metal bonding 220 Chemistry
Beal, Peter A. Nucleic acids chemical biology 5469 Chemistry Annex
Berben, Louise A. Synthetic and physical inorganic chemistry 3465 Chemistry Annex
Britt, R. David Biological and synthetic energy catalysis, metalloenzymes, EPR spectroscopy 190 Chemistry
Casey, William H. Reaction kinetics in geochemistry; aqueous clusters 1480 Chemistry Annex
Chen, Xi Chemical biology/glycoscience  212 Chemistry
Crabtree, Kyle N. Astrochemistry, microwave spectroscopy and low-temperature kinetics 190 Chemistry
David, Sheila S. Chemical biology of DNA repair 312 Chemistry
Donadio, Davide Theory of nanostructures, interfaces and transport phenomena 163A Chemistry
Fisher, Andrew J. Protein structure-function and X-ray crystallography 4462 Chemistry Annex
4A Briggs Hall
Franz, Annaliese K. Organic synthesis, catalysis, and biofuels 314 Chemistry
Gervay-Hague, Jacquelyn Carbohydrate synthesis, biological profilling, and vaccine design 5463 Chemistry Annex
Hammock, Bruce Synthesis of complex oxylipins and development of medicinal chemicals to alter their levels 66 Briggs Hall
Kauzlarich, Susan M. Synthesis and characterization of inorganic solid state and nanomaterials for emerging technologies 206 Chemistry
Koski, Kristie Materials and condensed matter chemistry 222 Chemistry
Larsen, Delmar S. Photoactivated dynamics in sensory proteins and photocatalysis 214 Chemistry
Lebrilla, Carlito B. Bioanalytical mass spectrometry 2465 Chemistry Annex
Liu, Gang-yu Nanoscience and nanoengineering, bioanalytical chemistry 322 Chemistry
Louie, Angelique Molecular imaging and novel imaging probes 3317 GBSF (Genome Center)
Mascal, Mark Organic synthesis, bioenergy research, molecular modeling 306 Chemistry
Ng, Cheuk-Yiu Chemical structures and dynamics by state-to-state spectroscopy 5465 Chemistry Annex
Olson, David E. Organic Synthesis and Chemical Neuroscience
2463 Chemistry Annex
Osterloh, Frank E. Inorganic nanomaterials for solar energy conversion 2467 Chemistry Annex
Shaw, Jared T. Synthetic methods, natural products, chemical biology 326 Chemistry
Siegel, Justin B. Computational enzyme design 1315 GBSF (Genome Center)
Tantillo, Dean J. Theoretical organic chemistry, natural products biosynthesis 4465 Chemistry Annex
Toney, Michael D. Enzyme catalysis, functional genomics, and biofuel cells 2469 Chemistry Annex
Velázquez, Jesús M. Synthesis and characterization of materials at the meso/nanoscale for energy conversion and environmental remediation.
5432 Chemistry Annex
Wang, Lee-Ping Energy conversion in catalysis and biomolecules; theoretical and computational chemistry
163C Chemistry