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Mari’s whirlwind summer

These last seven weeks have definitely been some to remember! It seems as if just yesterday I was just flying into Sacramento, and now I am on my last week in Davis. UC Davis as well as all of the

Jada’s lab (…and other…) shenanigans

My name is Jada English. I’m a junior from Houston, TX and a student at Xavier University of Louisiana. At UC Davis, I work in the Juliano lab where the animal Hydra vulgaris are the main focus. Hydra are animals

Trahmad and tomato pest research

So far UC Davis has been a blast. I’ve learned things that I didn’t know and got confirmation of other things that I that already did. My research consists of determining whether organic agriculture can reduce the spread in tomatoes

Caylen’s microscope-eye view on her week at UC Davis

Tuskegee senior Caylen Goldsberry shares her week at UC Davis, with cameos by Lauren, Amade, Adebola, and a charismatic proboscidean. [embedded content]

A week in the life of a scientist: Imade Ojo

Imade Ojo, a senior biology major at Howard University, currently works with graduate student Allie Igwe in Dr. Rachel Vannette’s lab as part of the EEGAP program. Imade’s research focuses on serpentine soil, which is characterized by its notable low

Streptanthus and abalone and Lauren, oh my!

Howard University junior Lauren Okafor enthuses about her research and a field trip to Bodega Marine Lab in this upbeat video. The field trip included opportunities to take a “shellfie” with a juvenile white abalone and BML researcher and “abalone

Alumni update: Kevin Wickham

We recently caught up with Kevin Wickham, a member of the 2017 EEGAP cohort, during his 2018 summer research program at Stanford. Kevin has developed a project to examine the potential of placental cells for increasing longevity of cells in

Cycle city, USA!

Davis has been declared the safest city in the US for cyclists, as featured in a recent tweet by Chancellor Gary May. Our 2018 scholars have experienced Davis cycling for themselves since arrival, scooting around campus and town, as they

A check-in from Demario

Demario Chappell is learning how to handle mice, UNIX, and R scripting in the Lasalle lab…and it’s only been one week! Demario, in a relaxed moment at Dean Winey’s welcome gathering, immediately before others flipped the parrot over.

Putting all your eggs into one basket in a salty world: how does salinity affect sea slug reproduction?

Last year, Marlynn Rollins examined how temperature and salinity affect the size and number of eggs that sea slugs lay. This year, she’s back to fine-tune her results. Listen as she describes her work.