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Alumni update: Kevin Wickham

We recently caught up with Kevin Wickham, a member of the 2017 EEGAP cohort, during his 2018 summer research program at Stanford. Kevin has developed a project to examine the potential of placental cells for increasing longevity of cells in

Grad Slam results

Tooka Zokaie, a graduate student in Public Health, won first prize at the 2018 UC Davis Grad Slam for her talk about how access to oral health care resources affects health maintenance and disease prevention. But guess who won “People’s Choice”?

Angel Rogers update

Professors for the Future, 2018-2019, including….

Mayowa! Professors for the Future, UC Davis’ year-long competitive fellowship program, helps graduate student leaders to develop and share their skills with peers. Check back soon for an update on Mayowa’s project.

Hassan Owens’ publication

November 27th, 2017 Hassan Owens, member of the CCBGAP 2017 Cohort, co-authored a publication from his summer research! This represents the first of what we hope will be many CCBGAP publications.